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15 Years of Impact!

Your support today will help us create a tomorrow free of human trafficking in Greater Cleveland.

$2,390 raised

$25,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We started with education. Since 2007, the Collaborative provided more than 2,500 programs educating nearly 140,000 individuals, first-responders, service providers, educators, law enforcement…and more.

We built a coalition. Since 2015, we increased our coalition partnerships by 233%. We bring together the experts-in-the-field from agencies, organizations, and businesses to collectively create solutions to end sex and labor trafficking in our community and to support survivors.

We are Survivor Led. Today, every aspect of our work is guided by our 10-member Survivor Advisory Council.

“Serving on the Collaborative’s Survivor Advisory Council has been affirming, giving me a voice and a place to fulfill purpose. I’ve been mentored and developed professionally, empowered economically, and most importantly my voice has been heard.” -Rachel Socorro

These 3 priorities helped us achieve transformational change. As we look to the future, these priorities remain at the heart of our work, but we need your help to keep this vital work going!
With your support, the Collaborative will continue its collaborative and educational efforts, and work closely with law enforcement, child protective services, victim service providers, hospitals, and various businesses to shift systems and improve a coordinated response to ensure as a community, we support survivors while stopping traffickers.
How can you help? Your donations will support the Collaborative’s work to:
  • Advance knowledge of and preparedness to respond to human trafficking
  • Develop an approach to systemically improve the prevention of human trafficking
  • Lead and strengthen the Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking which provides a long-term system of care to help survivors regain their lives